Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Setting the Tone for the New Year

It is important this month to carefully think about how you want to spend January.  What you do this month will set the tone for the rest of the year. 

We want to get off to a good start on this New Year.  We do not want to waste a second of it, therefore we’ve chosen for our main goal this month to “spring clean’ the house, room by room and get organized.  There is so much we want to accomplish this year and by setting and beginning the new year on a positive note, we are sure to succeed. 

This week we will be working in the kitchen and upper hallway. Clean along if you so desire.

In the Kitchen:
1.      Gather any Christmas decorations and store in a temporary box until all is collected and ready for storage.
2.      Declutter area
3.      Clean counter tops.
4.      Clean microwave inside and out
5.      Wipe down cabinets and hardware
6.      Clean outside of appliances
7.      Clean inside of refrigerator
8.      Clean stove, wash removable burners in warm, sudsy water, dry
9.      Bleach sink (if it’s porcelain like mine), rinse well and dry
10.   Dust baseboards
11.   Wipe fingerprints from switchplate and doorjambs
12.   Launder curtains and replace
13.   Sweep and mop floor
14.   Gather trash

We have an upper hallway that connects the downstairs, with openings to the second floor bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen and stairs to the third floor.  It’s a tiny area but still manages to collect dirty laundry, cat toys, shoes, and crumpled paper.

In the Hallway:
1.    Declutter area
2.    Dust cobwebs, ceiling and baseboard
3.    Vacuum carpet
4.    Mop floor

We will spend the remainder of this week, keeping these two areas clean.  Fingers crossed.

To New Beginnings!


Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year! and Happy Birthday Shout-Outs!

Welcome January and welcome to a New Year!        

Amelia, one year ago today
Last year at this time, we welcomed Amelia to our family.  Amelia arrived about two weeks early and was a tiny little bundle.  She's still tiny, but what a whirlwind of energy.  She has been walking for the past 3 months - no kidding, climbs up and down steps, climbs on everything.  She also likes to eat tiny papers, tiny toys, coins and any food dropped by Elliot, off the floor.  We spend too much time chasing her around the house and this little one is fast!  However, Amelia, you have brought such joy to our lives.

Happy Birthday Amelia!  

You are SO LOVED.

My sister was called to a higher plateau in June of 2010.  She is so missed.  Today is also Cathy's birthday.  It was too soon, there was still so much more for us to do, to share. We were close; we were friends.  I think of her every single day.  I miss her every single day.  Yes, you are here in my heart, but I'd rather you be here by my side.  

Happy Birthday Cathy!

You are SO LOVED.

Cathy, December 2008
July 4, 2009
Christmas 2006

Saturday, December 30, 2017

My Standard End of the Year Post: What to Eat OR Not on the Eve of the New Year.

Back in 2012 when I was looking for new dishes to serve for New Year's Eve, I came across an excellent article on what to eat and what not to eat on the Eve.  I served only what was on the "to eat" list and ate plenty of it.  This New Year’s will be no different.  I may change up a few dishes this year, but I will be including plenty of green food!  

Here is the original post:

What are you eating this New Year that may bring you good luck throughout 2017?  When I sat down to plan my New Year’s menu and typed in “foods for New Year’s”, I was led to this*, an excellent little article on traditions and what are believed to be lucky foods.  There are six major categories: grapes, greens, fish, pork, legumes, and cakes.  I also found it interesting that the amount of greens that are eaten may predict one’s fortune.  That could explain why I am so poor.  Our tradition was to eat a spoonful of sauerkraut at midnight.  This year I am eating tons of sauerkraut.  I’ll also be serving pork (it signifies wealth and prosperity) and I’m thinking of trying my hand at baking a dessert from Holland: the ollie bollen, a puffy, donut-like pastries filled with apples, raisins, and currants.

There is also a list of What Not to Eat.  “Lobster is a bad idea because they move backwards and could therefore lead to setbacks. Chicken is also discouraged because the bird scratches backwards, which could cause regret or dwelling on the past. Another theory warns against eating any winged fowl because good luck could fly away.”

I'm thinking of following with the German custom (or superstition) of leaving a little bit of each food on your plate past midnight to guarantee a stocked pantry in the New Year.  Nothing wrong with cleaning up in the morning.

No matter what your plans, or menu, have a wonderful, safe and blessed New Year's Eve!!!!

 Merrily, Trish

*(please note that the link will take you to Epicurious, the original article has been deleted/updated).  HOWEVER, Bon Appetit's article on 10 foods that will bring you luck in the New Year was a help in my menu planning.

Friday, December 29, 2017

One Little Word 2018


It's all about ME (not)
Have you picked your One Little Word for 2018?  I have and I do not want to sound obnoxious or pretentious but my word for the year is ME.  Not me in hey, it’s all about me, but me in taking care of business, i.e., my health, my weight, paying the bills, painting the rooms, getting the kiddies rooms done once and for all, having a place for everything and everything in its place, and working on other areas of the house.  It’s about rest and hygge and making lots of special moments with family.  It’s about DOING and not talking about it (which we do a lot – talk but not do).  It's about saying no (hard from me, say no and feel guilty - gonna change that).  It’s about saving and just getting it all together.  2018 is the year of ME, really US, because my granddaughter K picked the same word and we are going to knock that word out of the park.  2018, is about US getting it together and getting it done.

Have you gotten a head-start on your 2018 word?  I am pleased to announce that K got her learner’s permit at the beginning of December.  Talk about weather conditional driving – she has driven in snow and rain, in the dark, and on the parkway.  I am so proud of her.  She will have tons of driving hours in by the time she takes her test in June.  Then we can sign the kiddies up for summer camps at the museum and the zoo and join the Y for swim and dance classes and sports.  K can get them to their doctor appointments and anything else on the calendar and I won’t have to take time off to chauffer.  It’s a win-win.

I have begun writing out the goals I want to achieve in 2018 and the steps to achieve them.  I am ready for this new year (not that I want myself or the kiddies to get older), but for the promises and challenges it brings.

Sooooooooooooooooo, what’s YOUR ONE LITTLE WORD?

Merrily, Trish

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Just sayin'

Watching PJ Masks with PJ Masks
I love this kid.  and I love that he loves his toys so much.  Elliot, you are my sunshine!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Countdown to Christmas, Week 8

This is it. The final week to get it all together.  Will you be ready???

1.  Review your menus and supplies once more. Any last minutes shopping needed?
2.  Keep a list of each gift as it is opened for writing those thank you notes later.
3.  Be sure to leave a snack for Santa and his reindeer.
4.  Stuff the stockings.
5.  Have yourself a very Merry Christmas!

Merrily, Trish